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Bharat Darshan is India’s trusted holiday tour management company, handling successful holiday tour packages since 2015.

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Few Words About Us

Bharat Darshan Tours LLP is a prominent travel company based in New Delhi, India and established by travel professionals, works on the principle of BFC (better, faster, and cheaper) that specializes in organizing domestic tours for travelers. The company offers a wide range of tour packages, including pilgrimage tours, cultural tours, adventure tours, and wildlife tours, among others. Here is an overview of Bharat Darshan Tours LLP and its key features:

Tour Packages: Bharat Darshan Tours LLP provides a diverse range of tour packages to suit different travel preferences. They offer well-curated itineraries that cover popular destinations within India. Whether travelers are seeking spiritual experiences, cultural immersion, or adventure activities, the company offers a variety of options to cater to their interests.

Domestic Tours: Bharat Darshan Tours LLP focuses on promoting domestic tourism in India. They organize tours to various regions within the country, including historical sites, pilgrimage destinations, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, and more. Their extensive network allows travelers to explore the rich heritage, natural beauty, and diverse culture of different states in India.

Customized Tours: Bharat Darshan Tours LLP understands that every traveler has unique requirements and preferences. Hence, they offer customized tour packages that can be tailored according to specific needs. Whether travelers want to modify the itinerary, duration, or add specific activities, the company strives to accommodate their requests to ensure a personalized and memorable experience.

Experienced Team: The company boasts a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed in the travel industry. Their expertise of 3 decades helps in creating well-planned itineraries, ensuring smooth logistics, and providing excellent customer service. The team is dedicated to delivering a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience to their clients.

Affordable Pricing: Bharat Darshan Tours LLP aims to provide affordable and value-for-money tour packages. They offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of services provided. This makes their tours accessible to a wide range of travelers, including families, individuals, and groups.

Customer Support: The company emphasizes customer satisfaction and provides reliable customer support throughout the tour. They have a dedicated support team available to address any queries, concerns, or assistance required by travelers during their journey.

Safety and Security: The company prioritizes the safety and security of their customers. They adhere to safety guidelines and standards, ensuring that travelers have a safe and secure travel experience. They also provide travel insurance options for added peace of mind.

Responsible Tourism: Bharat Darshan Tours promotes responsible tourism practices, including respect for local cultures, minimizing environmental impact, and supporting local communities. They aim to create sustainable tourism opportunities and contribute to the social and economic development of the destinations they operate in.

Booking and Availability:
Travelers can book Bharat Darshan Tours LLP packages through their official website or by contacting their customer support team. The availability of packages and booking options can be checked on their website, and bookings are typically confirmed upon payment of the required deposit.

Bharat Darshan Tours LLP is dedicated to creating memorable travel experiences by offering well-organized tours, personalized services, competitive pricing and memorable travel experiences, showcasing the diverse beauty and cultural heritage of India. Their attention to professional services, and commitment to responsible tourism make them a reputable choice for travelers seeking a well-organized and enriching travel experience in India. With their diverse range of tour packages and focus on customer satisfaction, they aim to make travel accessible and enjoyable for all.

Professional Skills

Our selected vendors have always has been the source of inspiration for other travel and tour companies. We are delightfully connected by all channels of communication here in Bharat Darshan Tours, we have professionals having experience of more than 3 decades.

Our teams are well trained for negotiations, operations, marketing, escorting, guiding from individual to group travel with excellent all-around results. Bharat Darshan Tour is  having centralized head office in Dwarka Sub City, New Delhi. All the operation and marketing related activities are being looked from here.

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We thrive on what our customers speaks about us. We are purely customer oriented tour operator before closing any deals we always have transparency regarding the purchased tour package very clearly.

Meet the Team

We are few but we are true.

Om Prakash


I am in love with myself... i hate liars who believe honesty is the best policy though you might face numerous challenges but the end result is fruitful. Help those who help themselves the challenges are huge but the way out is surprising. A profound love for travelling explores the beauties of its natural state. Save Earth Save Water.
The founder member has an experience of over 27 years in management in the field of tourism in India. The in-depth knowledge of the travel industry in India and its ways ensures that all their guests enjoy the best services.
In En devour to fulfill their commitments and manage the travel services offered by them they have offices at locations across India to stay connected.

S Prakash

Marketing Manager

She takes care of all the products and marketing related. She in charge of negotiating and product development.

Our Partners

We have partners all across India from who we are dealing from the last 30 years. They are our backbone and we thanks all of them.